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The Poker Books we suggest here provides you the tools and strategies that instantly transform even a total rookie into an expert, because it is not skill that forms the key to online poker domination - it is knowledge. Knowledge that will be available and presented to you by the Poker Tools we unveil inside our course. Poker is a game of limited knowledge, and the one who extracts the most knowledge out of the situations and events at the poker table will win. Now, extracting knowledge with your brain (which is the genuine practice of hardcore, old school skilled poker players) is NOT what you really need in online poker! It is proper usage of sophisticated poker books that analyze your online poker environment with unmatched power, precision and speed, which will ultimately lead to online poker domination.

Poker Books Recommended

•  Nick Christenson presents : POKER NIGHTS

The current boom in the popularity of poker has many manifestations. Certainly online and card room poker have seen their popularity soar in recent years, but home poker is also experiencing renewed popularity.In many ways, though, building and maintaining a successful home poker game is more difficult than excelling at card room or online poker. Certainly it is quite a different beast. In his latest book, Poker Night , John Vorhaus explores the ins and outs of hosting and playing home poker games.

While Poker Night is intended to be appealing to folks who are more than familiar with the game of poker, its primary audience is people who are not experts at the game, including those who are complete novices. To accommodate neophytes, Vorhaus begins his book with some very introductory remarks followed by a chapter that explains the basics of poker

•  Harrington on Cash Games

Having won the World Series of Poker in 1995, overcame huge fields to come 3rd and 4th in 2003/2004, cashed more than 6 million dollars in the tournament winning, Dan Harrington definitely knows a thing or two about poker. In 2004 he wrote his first book (co-authored with Bill Robertie) - Harrington on Holdem: Volume I. Volumes II and III followed in the coming years. The trilogy has literally revolutionized the world of tournament poker.
A few years later and the new series hits the market. This time it's 'Harrington on Cash Games: How to Play No-Limit Hold 'em Cash Games' - a two volume, 800 pages of cash games knowledge from the world's leading poker author. The only question is - can it be as good as the previous one?

It's a tough question as it's difficult to compare cash game book with the tournament book. But one think is for sure - the new book is really, really good. As long as you are not one of those crazy 21 year old poker super talents who play $ pots online - you won't be dissapointed by Harrington's new writing.

If you are experienced no-limit player then some chapters in the volume 1 may be a bit borring for you, altough Dan honestly warns - skip them. But altogether there is so much knowledge in these books that for the total price no higher than a buy-in to $0.25/$0.50 NL game you simply can not afford not to buy it. I mean this could be said about any book out there but if count your pennies on the poker books you must know one thing - Harrington on Cash Games is a very well invested fifty bucks.

•  The Theory of Poker : David Sklansky

David Sklansky's The Theory of Poker is considered by many as the best poker book of all, although it doesn't really teach you how to play poker! So don't buy this book if you want to learn how to properly play AK suited from early position. But if you want to look at the game (not only texas holdem) from a very different persepctive - go for it. And if you ever planned to become a pro - it's a must read.

David Sklansky - The Theory of Poker Expectation, hourly rate, bluffing, semi-bluffing, reversed implied pot odds, deception, psychology, game theory are just some concepts that David introduces us to. They all may seem a little bit abstract at the beginning but it's really esential to understand them if you want to play the real poker instead of just playing two hole cards...


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